In the News

May 2014 – The Washington Post
New crowdsourcing site like Yelp for philanthropy

July 2013 – Forbes
America’s Most Generous Companies

July 2013 – International Business Times
Wal-Mart Loses Top Spot Among Corporate Donors as Wells Fargo Takes the Lead

March 2013 – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Wait, Wait … Let’s Raise Money (video interview with Peter Sagal)

August 2012 – NPR
Study Reveals the Geography of Charitable Giving

August 2012 – Minnesota Public Radio
Which Americans Give Most to Charity?

August 2012 – ABC News
The Most Generous States: Republican and Religious

August 2012 – Associated Press
Less Religious States Give Less to Charity

August 2012 – The Daily Mail (UK)
The least religious states are the stingiest with charity (that’s you, New England)

July 2012 – Association and Media Publishing
Bridging Social Networks – Online and Off

April 2012 – The Christian Science Monitor
Obamas gave 22 percent of their income to charity

July 2011 – Nieman Journalism Lab

Members Only:  The Chronicle of Philanthropy builds a LinkedIn community by keeping people out

January 2011 – Mashable
Is Twitter a Touchdown for Social Good? 

December 2010 – Bloomberg
Will Smith, Adrian Grenier Make Water Charity a Twitter Leader

December 2010 – Mashable

What Makes the Most Influential Social Good Champions Tick?

January 2010 – Mashable
Why We’re in the Age of the Citizen Philanthropist

February 2009 – The Takeaway
Putting a cap on charitable giving to the wealthy

November 2007 – The New York Times

In the Fund-Raising Game, Blogs Cut Both Ways